Journeying to the Three Worlds, One Heart Together

Welcome to the Three Worlds!

Join with us and explore your own inner worlds and develop your spiritual talents. Learn to safely travel to the traditional places of world-wide ancient indigenous teachings, the three worlds of the Upper, Middle, and Lower realms. Whether you identify as a BIPOC individual, a Euro-American, or simply as a Pagan, mystic, nature lover, or an inner  traveler and explorer, there is a place for you in the Three Worlds One Heart community.  

We have a free monthly book group on Zoom, as well as classes, stand-alone workshops and sessions offered on altar set-up, tarot, astrology, past lives work, and more.  Explore our web site, join us on Facebook, and join in with us to explore your inner depths with like-minded folks. 

Rev. Rayna Hamre, MA, MDiv

Founder and Lead Teacher, Three Worlds One Heart

Three Worlds Mission Statement

Our mission is to explore and share mystery traditions and practices as a community. Our sources include ancient teachings as well as modern discoveries, and contemporary interpretations of inner and manifested wisdom. We honor the old and the new!

Three Worlds teachers, presenters and mentors will convey our values along with these dynamic practices through:

  • Creating classes and workshops that provide a safe space for individuals to experience inner and outer spiritual realms.
  • Training students to be ethical teachers and leaders on the path of their calling, and to be at the forefront of the reawakening of mystical beliefs and practices.
  • Serving as a resource for those who are new to the Path of the Mystic. People from all paths and backgrounds are welcome to study in the Three Worlds program. 
  • Providing advanced study opportunities, designed for those who are ready for intense work on their personal mystical journey. 

Three Worlds Statement of Intention for Creating Loving and Diverse Communities

The members of Three Worlds One Heart wish to make it known that we believe that Black Lives Matter. We recognize the need for justice and reform, and we as a community work towards ending racism and challenging all systems that continue oppression of our BIPOC siblings.

We also stand beside Asian and Pacific Islanders during this time of added stress due to the ongoing events around the recent pandemic. 

We will do what we can to help amplify the voices of those who would be silenced, and educate ourselves and others on how to do better and help promote meaningful change.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Obama Foundation.

and the United States Department of Justice, AAPI Addressing Hate Crimes.

Join us on the journey with mystics throughout time.

We honor diversity. We honor you!

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Your Journey

Whether you identify as a person of indigenous ancestry, as a Pagan, as a member of the Abrahamic traditions, have studied Buddhism or Hinduism, or see yourself as an eclectic and deeply spiritual person, take the next step in developing your own mystical abilities. We invite you to study with experienced meditation and inner-journey leaders in our spiritual community. Rayna Hamre and Three Worlds mentors and leaders will walk with you as you explore the path of the mystic in a structured, developmental study program, one that will open you fully to your own innate abilities. 

Working Together

The world is at an important turning point. Changing our individual and group consciousness can help each of us to be movers and shakers for positive change. We are proud of our diversity. If you identify as LGBTQ+, we invite you to explore Three Worlds classes and workshops.

New Horizons

We want help you to find or focus on your inner mystic, and to grow along your chosen path. Whether you have practiced for many years, or if you are newly awakened to the spiritual path, join us for classes and workshops. Each of us has much to offer; join the Three Worlds community and join in with us! Our classes speak to multiple learning styles.