Three Worlds One Heart provides a disciplined study of the world's Mystery Traditions for the sincere seeker. Students will practice basic energy work, visualization, and shamanic-style journey work. You are invited to join us for six months at Level One or continued study over several years. 



~Level One - Students will practice basic energy and visualization exercises. Monthly lessons are sent by e-mail and returned with detailed comments and suggestions for each lesson.

~Level Two - Students continue with visualization and meditation work. Spells and training in the creation of rituals are also part of Level Two training. Three Worlds training stresses connection to the practitioners geographic location, and encourages a deep connection to the land that each of us inhabits.

~Level Three - During this year of study, students make the transition to a focused program in shamanic-style meditation. Rev. Rayna will walk with you as you learn to journey safely to the other side and meet with your personal guides and ancestors.

~Level Four Shamanic Studies - Students may continue on the path of shamanic-style exploration and will continue on with meditative journey-work and study. This course can be taken repeatedly after the completion of Level Three.

~Level Four Qabalistic - Students who choose this path as their Level Four experience will explore the Witches' Qabalah and the realm of Western Ceremonial Magic.

~Level Five - Students will continue to work with the tools of the world's mystery traditions, including meditations on the chakra system, tarot, and astrology.

For more information contact Rev. Rayna Hamre



Three Worlds One Heart is not affiliated with any other temple, lodge, or organization.


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