Three Worlds One Heart provides one year of study to help you develop a personal mystical practice. Students will learn basic metaphysical energy work, visualization, techniques for safely walking between this world and the Spirit world, and dream exploration that includes lucid dream play.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to study and connect with your inner worlds! 


This One Year Study Includes: 

  • Learning to connect with the land you live on through ritual work and spiritual exploration.
  • Learning to journey safely to the Spirit side to meet with your personal guides and ancestors of the Three Worlds.
  • Furthering your skills in walking between the Three Worlds, ancestor healing work, energy clearing, and dream exploration, including lucid dream play.
  • Training in basic energy work, personal spiritual protections, and the creation of helpful visualizations.

Monthly lessons are sent by e-mail and returned with detailed comments and suggestions for each lesson, as well as additional personal consultations by text, phone, and on zoom.

For more information contact Rev. Rayna Hamre



Three Worlds One Heart is not affiliated with any other temple, lodge, or organization.


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